Thursday, May 28, 2009

First experiments with premake4 on mac

After having delayed my transition to the new version 4 of premake for quite a long time, I'm trying to switch over without breaking too many things. I did try to switch to premake4 when it was released a few months ago, but was not able to correctly set it to build the Mac dylibs I needed. Therefore I stuck with premake3.
Now, I'm trying again. First, with the XML helper library TICPP ticpp - Google Code

premake4 --ticpp-shared gmake

which seems to work well

Building configurations...
Running action 'gmake'...
Generating Makefile...
Generating TiCPP.make...
jamesMBpro:ticpp james$ make
==== Building TiCPP ====
Linking TiCPP

Let's see if the dylibs were produced. And ... nope, only .so :-/

And apparently the dylib flag from premake3 was not conserved in premake4.
Next stop : try the premake4.1 beta. Unfortunately, this did not behave differently.
After some googling which returned nothing, I followed the premake forums down to the buglist. It seems this is a bug which has (recently) been submitted :
And, hurray, there is a patch ! Thank you ashberlin.

So, I downloaded the svn source for premake4:

And then applied ashberlin's patch

patch -p 1 < 0001-SharedLibs-on-macosx-should-be-called-.dylib.patch

And finally the dylib built. I'll check them tomorrow.

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