Thursday, August 20, 2009

Windows explorer crashes when external HDD is connected

I'm running XP SP3, and trying to finish my PhD thesis defense presentation. I had to connect my USB external HDD to find some videos I had archived, because I wanted to include them in the presentation.
As I took a break , the screensaver kicked in. When I came back, Windows Explorer had crashed. My machine is currently almost unresponsive.
I googled my problem, and quickly found links suggesting that this crash could be related to windows creating thumbs for the videos on the external drive.
A fix is proposed by Wile E at

regsvr32 /u shmedia.dll

The indexing service popped a mesage box to indicate it stopped, but I'm still unable to restart explorer. So, my next step will be to pull the plug on my external HDD, and reboot. Right now, I cross my fingers hoping that the partitions will still be readable when I plug teh disk back in.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Latex - Beamer warnings after update

While preparing my PhD defense presentation, in ran into the warning:

Package hyperref Warning: Option `pdfpagelabels' is turned off
(hyperref) because \thepage is undefined.
Hyperref stopped early

Google was my friensd this day since the first search result provided the appropriate workaround:

Cheers to localghost, whose answer allowed me to skip reading the change logs of the hyperref package at such a stressful time.

In fact, all the new warnings I got were related to the update of beamer and hyperref.
This blog entry : presents a step by step workaround. Thanks Stefan.